NEIKER-Tecnalia organizes a conference to share experiences on improving the productivity of sheep

They are part of the European SheepNet project and more than 70 people from 10 countries are expected to attend

NEIKER-Tecnalia obtains microalgae flours for use as healthy food ingredients with high nutritional value

They can be used to prepare pasta, bakery products, yoghurts and meat preparations

NEIKER-Tecnalia turns agri-food waste into oil through the cultivation of microalgae

algaThe oil produced is of good quality and can be transformed into biodiesel that meets the standards set by the law that regulates the sale of biofuels.

The process to achieve the oil is part of the CYCLALG project, whose objective is to develop a biorefinery model around microalgae.

(Español) NEIKER-Tecnalia organiza una jornada para concienciar sobre la importancia del uso racional de antibióticos en el sector primario