Plant production

Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales

The plant production department is developing research projects aimed at improving the profitability and sustainability of farms and forests, through the adaptation and optimisation of production systems and farming practices. We are analysing, developing, and using agricultural techniques that have an impact on the productivity, sustainability and sensory and nutritional quality of our products.
Using traditional genetic improvement, we are trying to obtain our own varieties, adapted to our agri-environmental conditions, improving production and quality and, using the most modern technologies, we have identified species and individuals with potential features or characteristics that enhance production systems. Our objective is also aimed at using natural resources better and improving agricultural practices, involving greater sustainability on farms.
In addition, we are developing strategies for the integral management of food waste in order to generate new production activities, while creating a more sustainable space. We are actively fitting in with new trends, promoting our primary products to compete in other sectors, identifying and searching for alternatives that will generate value-added crops characterised by the presence of healthy biomolecules.
Our main objective is to put all of our scientific potential at the service of the primary sector, innovating and working together with other sectors which are a priori further afield.