Applied Genomics

Biot. Paco 020Development of genomic resources in different species. Genetic linkage maps have been constructed and QTL analyses done for various species. These maps are aligned with the whole genome sequencing maps for the same or related species and all of the available markers will be integrated (cDNA, EST, SSR, predictions of genes) to generate a functional map.

Precision Viticulture

1224068_10621024The NEIKER Tecnalia precision viticulture group uses and has used various precision technologies such as GPS, performance monitors, remote sensing, sensors, “in-situ” meters of soil properties, etc.

Agronomic Tests and Models

EstacionaviososwebThe validity of different agricultural products and practices, the environmental effects of crop management, the effect that environmental changes will have on agricultural production of the future need experimental tests and forecasting models.

Plant Physiology and Tissue Culture

plantSince its creation in 2005, the group has focused its work mainly on the development and/or optimisation of biotechnological tools such as organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis in species of the Pinus genus. In addition, it has fine tuned various analysis methods for the physiological characterisation and search for tolerance indicators of Pinus radiata in response to water stress.