WAVALUE, kalitate handiko ongarriak biogas-instalazioetako hondakinetatik

The Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development, Neiker-Tecnalia, and the Guipuzkoa-based company Ekonek will be building a pilot plant to treat organic waste destined for producing high, added value fertilizers. The facility will enable the organic material resulting from biogas plants to be effectively put to use. The plant will be located on Neiker-Tecnalia’s agricultural land in Arkaute (Álava, Basque Country). The budget of 1.5 million euros will be provided by the European Union within the framework of a CIP-Ecoinnovation project, and four organisations will be participating in the initiative: Neiker-Tecnalia, Ekonek Innovation in Product Upgrading, Blue Agro, and the Dutch company Colsen.

FERGIR: Comprehensive management of livestock waste as fertilizer for crops

Deals with  issues of great importance and relevance to agriculture and the environment of the Basque Country: the proper management of manure and slurry and proper fertilization in farms.

AGROLCAMANAGER: software for environmental management

uvaEncouraging the sustainability of small and medium-sized agri-food companies and increasing their competitiveness will be possible thanks to a new specialised software tool due to be developed within the framework of the AGROLCA manager project.

K-EGOKITZEN: impact of climate change and adaptation in Euskadi

cambio climáticoIts main objective is to analyze the evidence of climate change and more effective adaptation measures against the potential impacts on water resources, infrastructure, urban areas, coast, marine, natural, land and agricultural ecosystems.