KLIMAHATS – Performance of the vineyard under conditions of climate change

panel 2Financing: Basque Government
Head researcher: Ana Aizpurua
Duration: 01/01/2012 – 31/12/2015
To follow a proper adaptation strategy, it is first necessary to know the consequences that climate change will have on the cultivation of vineyards. Basically, the interest lies in better understanding the impact on the parameters of quality, on which the sector is primarily interested. Therefore, this project considers the following objective: to evaluate the influence of climate change on the performance of the vineyard under different soil conditions.

TRADITOM – Recovery of traditional varieties of tomatoes in the Basque Country

080613_214Financing: Basque Government
Head researcher: Patrick Riga
Duration: 2015-2017
The objective of this project is the commercial recovery of traditional varieties of tomato. To do this, there is a two-pronged project: on the one hand, the agronomic, sensory characterisation and improvement of the varieties and, on the other hand, the development and implementation of tools that make it possible to protect these varieties and, of course, the farmers who commit to their cultivation, from fraud or actions which could jeopardise the use of these varietal types.

TGI-ROBLES – Genetic identification cards for oaks with truffle-bearing capacities

Roble hojasFinancing: Basque Government
Head researcher: Pablo González
Duration: 2015-2016
Portuguese oaks (Quercus faginea) are a good alternative for the cultivation of truffles in land where holm oak trees do not grow properly. However, the identification of this species is not easy, mostly due to hybridisation with the pubescent oak (Quercus humilis). The project aims to provide genetic ID cards for all of the gall oaks in the Basque Country that are not genetically contaminated.

FOODALGAE – New range of innovative, healthy food products enriched with micro-algae

foodalgaeFinancing: RETOS-COLABORACIÓN 2014-Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness
Head researcher: Sonia Castañon
Duration: 2014-2016
Development of a new range of innovative, healthy food products with an improved nutritional and organoleptic profile through the use of micro-algae rich in bioactive compounds and nutrients in accordance with the new demands of the food market. These foods will be characterised by their focus on those market segments with a greater concern for healthy eating.