Impact of fertilizers and pesticides on soil and water quality

tesis borja muñozAuthor: Borja Muñoz Leoz
Director: Estilita Ruiz (UPV/EHU) and Carlos Garbisu (NEIKER)
Date of reading: 2012

Evaluation of the efficiency of metal phytoremediation processes with microbiological indicators of soil health

Author: Lur Epelde
Director: Carlos Garbisu y María Jesús Sevilla
Date of reading: 2011

“Suitability of anthropogeomorphic materials as soil amendments: a biogeochemical study”Thesis

Author: Fen Xia Yao
Director: Marta Camps y Felipe Macias
Date of reading: 2011

Cattle nutrition as a strategy to mitigate gaseous nitrogen losses from dairy farming

Author: Haritz Arriaga
Director:  Pilar Merino y Sergio Calsamiglia
Data: 2010