Thesis: Microbial indicators for the assessment of the impact of metal contamination and phytoremediation on soil health

Author: Aritz Burges Ruiz
University: Universidad del País Vasco (University of the Basque Country)
Date: March 2017
Thesis advisors: Carlos Garbisu / Lur Epelde

Thesis: Ammonia and greenhouse gases emissions from manure storage operations in livestock production systems

Author: Maialen Viguria
University: UPV-EHU
Date: December 2014
Thesis advisors: Pilar Merino / Haritz Arriaga

Tesis: Impact of fertilizers and pesticides on soil and water quality

tesis borja muñozAutor: Borja Muñoz Leoz
Director: Estilita Ruiz (UPV/EHU) y Carlos Garbisu (NEIKER)
Fecha: 2012
Enlace de descarga: TESEO

Tesis: evaluation of the efficiency of metal phytoremediation processes with microbiological indicators of soil health

Author: Lur Epelde
Director: Carlos Garbisu y María Jesús Sevilla
Date: 2011
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