Thesis: bio-disinfection with semi-composted manure for the control of the pepper crop disease caused by Phytophthora capsici

Author: Mireia Núñez Zofío
Director: Carlos Garbisu y Santiago Larregla
Date: 2012
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Thesis: Cattle nutrition as a strategy to mitigate gaseous nitrogen losses from dairy farming

Author: Haritz Arriaga
Director:  Pilar Merino y Sergio Calsamiglia
Data: 2010
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Thesis: Zoning of a vineyard in ‘Rioja Alavesa’ depending on soil properties and their influence on production and quality

Author: Olatz Unamunzaga
Director: Ana Aizpurua y Asunción Usón
Date: 2010
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“Fitoextracción de Pb, Zn y Cd mediante Cynara cardunculus L. y Thlaspi caerulescens J. & C. Presl.: implicaciones ambientales y en la salud del suelo” Thesis

Author: Javier Hernández Allica
Director: Carlos Garbisu y José Mª Becerril
Date: 2006
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