It also has other infrastructures that allow it to provide a comprehensive range of support services for the Basque primary sector.

Experimental infrastructure:

  • 4 Experimental Farms in Gauna, Iturrieta, Arkaute and Derio (Total: 83 Hectares)
  • 8 Greenhouses (13,300 m2)
  • 1 Experimental Flock (200 Latxa black-faced sheep. Accredited (AE-Vi-003) for animal experimentation. The basic facilities include stables, operating theatre, chute and individual boxes).
  • 1 Animalarium (Animals monitored and kept in constant environmental conditions. Isolation area for animals with anomalous symptoms).

High-security infrastructures: 

  • High-security bio-laboratory. Level P3.
  • Biosafety greenhouse. Level P2.

Infrastructure for the study of renewable energies:

  • Greenhouse with geothermal energy and solar panels.

Other facilities :